The 7 Vices Training

7 Vices by Ellen Soentken logo

Why do they not understand me?

Is it me or what?

What am I doing wrong?

The 7 Vices and it’s Archetypes give you the answers and the tips & tricks you need. 


“A new look on leadership. Good balance of information, exercises, general and personal.”
Bernadette Diekstra Director – COP Group Groningen
“Whatever I will do, I will always remember Ellen Söentken’s training and advice.”
Sofie Simao EFR Board member 2005-2006 – Erasmus University

“You learn how to recognize and understand different types of people and you get the tools how to interact with each type appropriately. Directly applicable in daily practice.”
Fleur Rieter Manager Legal & General The Netherlands

More fun and success in daily office politics

Maybe you are familiar with the feeling that you are trying hard, you’re doing your best and despite of your effort and good intentions the desired result is not there. Sometimes it is not what you say or do, but it is the tone in your voice, the look in your eyes or the subtexts in your message that is keeping you from achieving your goal.

The 7 Vices is a training experience that inspires a lifetime taste for personal success
In The 7 Vices training you work on your self insight and people reading skills, your leadership skills and your personal effectiveness. Effective on both the individual and the team level. The training creates success, it enables reuniting, reinforcement of the team, inspiration in leadership, group effectiveness and awareness. Implemented in organizations it will improve effective communication, client relations and in the end: your business success

How does the 7 Vices Model work?

The 7 Vices is a guideline with which you can assess yourself in relation to the other, what approach would give you the desired response. It offers immediately effective tools, insights and enhanced personal achievement. In a very short time you come to terms with who you really are, why you are good at what you do, and how you can “be all you can be”.

A roadmap to human behavior, the good, bad and ugly

The reference tool of the training, The 7 Vices Model, serves as a roadmap for personal growth: how you became who you are, and future steps in personal development given environmental obstacles and opportunities.

7 VICES SHEET copyright E Soentken 2011

The 7 Vices model is research-based, faithfully inspired by the major ancient spiritual works and global folklore. Over a period of 20 years Ellen Söentken MSc has worked to capture human behavior in a refreshing, recognizable and solution oriented model. A model that helps you reflect yourself and assess the other. Which mood and behavior can you evoke in yourself or in the other to make a connection and achieve inspiring goals.

Its symbolism resonates strongly and long lasting with people of all ages, gender and spiritual belief. If it reaches your mind, it stays there……

Who will love to give your sales a boost?
A man with the archetype Savior or the Judas?

With humor and compassion you learn to respect, understand and integrate several approaches to experiencing life: several means to get things done. Even if at first glance it may seem the furthest from your comfortable set of norms and values.

Laughing & sobbing with the Archetypes

Together with the archetype idea’s of Jung, the Eikpersoon concept of Rob van Vuure, the biblical analysis of Guy Bechtel and in collaboration with research firm Ipsos Ellen Söentken shaped the 7 male and female Vices into real-life behavioral types. These types are The 7 Vices Archetypes. The Archetypes become cherished, feared, confronted and above all disarmingly familiar during the training: Witch, Whore, Virgin, Frump, Devil, God, Judas and Savior.

Who would you expect to be very fulfilled and successful in a PR position?
A woman with Archetype Whore or the Frump?

The 7 Vices model, with its archetypes, gives a reality check on how you are interacting with both like-minded colleagues and those of a different mind. It even offers opportunities to shift your relationship to other, more prosperous, dimensions of interaction.

Who will be the toughest negotiator?
The Witch or the God?

Layered learning strategy

The 7 Vices model consists of several layers and techniques of learning and assessing one’s own behavior in relation to others. For some, it is a fun way to really get to know oneself and be more effective at work. For others it is a blue print to read people, influence individual and mass behavior, triumph in office politics, and even inspire others to be a creator in their market game.

Who has an allergy for office politics? The Virgin or the Devil?

The 7 Vices training is not just a transfer of knowledge and leadership competence, but for many also a life-altering experience training

A new way to look at people
Perhaps one day there will be a name for this kind of training, since it is — so far — the only training model that addresses the spiritual drives in human behavior, as well as the darker side of human kind. For now, it will attract persons looking for a new refreshing framework for looking at people and seeking hardline day-to-day business excellence in office politics. A well recommended asset since this model is not common knowledge (yet).

Direct and lasting impact.

Because of the high impact and easy transferability of the insights of this model, the effects of the training reach far beyond the trainee her/himself. Often also heaving a positive effect on the personal well being of the trainee.

For whom is this training for?

For managers as well as coworkers
Individually as well as in complete team-setting
For HR managers and trainers there is a special 7 Vices Licensed Practitioners program which also gives access to the online 7 Vices testing tool. The 7 Vices testing tool gives insight in which Vices (male and female) one prefers and which one is allergic to. Also it gives insight into which allies and enemies are most likely to be encountered and how to address them most beneficently to your goal.

Other types to work with the 7 Vices model:

* Coaching
* Intervention
* In Company training
* Open training (in cooperation with other companies)
* Team building
* Management development program
* Diversity program
* Recruiting & Selection
* Public speaking/events

Trainer & Author Ellen Söentken

Ellen Söentken MSc

Bio Ellen Söentken MSc

People Reader, Talent Guide, Inspiring Public Speaker
Author of Dutch Bestseller The 7 Vices of Female Executives. Network of 7 Vices licensed practitioners

For over 20 years Ellen Söentken MSc (1969) has been studying and specialising in different key aspects involving leadership, and in particular female leadership. Ellen Söentken studied at Nyenrode University (Bachelor of Business Administration) and at the VU University Amsterdam (Doctorandus Social Cultural Sciences). She graduated with an analysis of the success of 10 top businesswomen, such as Neelie Kroes, Sylvia Tóth, Yvonne van Rooy and Cox Habbema. After a career in publishing, she started up her own company, Ellen Söentken and developed an effective form of training: the seven vices of female executives. In March 2007 her bestseller De zeven ondeugden van vrouwelijke managers (trans. The seven vices of female managers), was published in The Netherlands. Ellen Söentken developed the seven vices concept as an analysis model for women and men! who achieve goals in their work.

Ellen Soentken is the creator of the 7 Vices Training & Testing Concept. She is also an inspiring and soulenriching international speaker. The Söentken workshops and lectures are recognizable, enticing, of a high quality and substantiated through an extensive literary study. Employees from the following organizations have attended her workshops and lectures, among others: Shell, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, various governmental departments, BAM, Achmea, GVB, the Dutch Police, Legal & General, Akzo Nobel, RDW, Hogeschool In Holland, NUON, Essent, ABP, Albert Heijn, KPMG, AON, Cordares and Philips.

To ensure the high quality of the 7 Vices concept Ellen Soentken decided to warrant her 7 Vices Training and testing with a select group of trainers and coaches who operate in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany via the exclusive 7 Vices Certification Program and its 7 Vices Licensed Practitioners Program.

She is married to Rob van Pelt. They have 3 children, Florence (Fleur), Meredith (Merel) and Amelia (Amber).
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Benefits of the training

* Higher self awareness
* Higher personal effectiveness
* Higher diversity in leadership behavior styles
* Higher people reading skills
* Better awareness how to set boundaries
* Better skills to grab golden opportunities
* Better skills in who to invite in the team
* Career acceleration
* Speeding up negotiations
* Strengthening ones own image and personal presentation
* Tips & Tricks for ‘difficult’ people (to work with or being one yourself) * Team-forming
* Assessing the leadership needs of your coworkers
* Work life balance

You will experience:

* The recognition of yourself and the other
* Much amusement and laughter, recognition and perspective
* Confrontation with a side you did not know you had it in you
* More sides to who you are than you had thought before (or that you would admit before) * More ways to address a situation or colleague
* Awareness which archetype in you works best, and when
* Better appraisal of situations and what the other needs as a leadership behavior skill
* Letting go of innate comfortable but sometimes ineffective beliefs
* Learning and refining of more effective leadership behavior skills

Recommendations for Ellen Söentken

Inspirational Speaker and Author of The 7 Vices

“On Tuesday December 12, Ellen Söentken and Annemarie Jorritsma were two energetic speakers at our Women in Red event at Norton Rose LLP in Amsterdam. Ellen Söentken’s performance was extraordinarily professional and authoritative. She inspired all our guests and we have received very much positive feedback. Her two day training program on Monday and Tuesday December 11&12 at Landgoed De Horst has also been very valuable. It gives you everlasting insights businesswise but also for your own personal development. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is willing to effectively broaden their perspective.

Sofie Simao, Responsible for Recruitment Management at Norton Rose LLP Leading International Legal Practice” December 13, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Sofie Simao hired Ellen as a Career Coach in 2012, and hired Ellen more than once

“Ellen presented training courses within the JUMP Woman’s Academy on presentation skills. She was one of the top quality trainers of the Academy. Ellen came also as a speaker at the JUMP Forum … she was considered the best one by the participants!” May 17, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Isabella Lenarduzzi hired Ellen as a Personal Trainer in 2008, and hired Ellen more than once

“I interviewed Ellen about her book ‘The 7 Vices’ for the Dutch magazine Management Team. She had a clear vision on female leadership and it was a great pleasure to work with her. She’s a very teasing person, you will love or hate. For me: the first option. The interview (in Dutch): http:// .” May 16, 2011

Jan Dijkgraaf, Editor in chief Management Team, VNU Media was with another company when working with Ellen at Söentken

“Ellen provided me with al lot of tips and tricks on management and rethinking and even reworking some old female values. It’s nice to get the freedom to be a women all the way in the work place and yet be a manager of success in your own career as well as in your company. The recepts Ellen has for this aims are unique, so absolutely worthy to explore. Txs Ellen and all the best !!!” May 11, 2011Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
Annabel De Craene hired Ellen as a Personal Trainer in 2008

“I have worked with Ellen several times, as personal coach and in workshops. I liked this very much. Ellen is very motivated, workshops and coaching sessions are custom made. The tips and tricks she gives are really effective in practice, and Ellen is always willing to provide you with feedback, also afterward. I am sure I will contact here in future just to have a session on my personal development during my career.” May 11, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Anjo Wielemaker hired Ellen as a Career Coach in 2008, and hired Ellen more than once

“When I attended the JUMP Forum for active women for the first time in 2009, I had the pleasure of attending Ellen’s 7 Vices workshop. I had never experienced anything like it. In only 2 hours, Ellen gave me at least 3 new insights in working relationships and entrepreneurship. As a bonus, her story inspired me to take the leap to becoming an entrepreneur myself. I’m still grateful! And I will never forget her cheerful, honest and crispy sense of humor, it makes me smile.” May 10, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Els Deboutte hired Ellen as a Career Coach in 2009

“She taught me that being ‘a witch’ – as one of the female personalities -can be very effective in some situations. It was the very first time that I was glad being a witch… I’ve learned to integrate the other personalities in my repertoire.
Thank you Ellen!” May 10, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Anneke Zantboer hired Ellen as a Career Coach in 2008 


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